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hw1001.jpg (3302 bytes) HW1001 Housework's 3-In-1 Dollhouse Plan Book, by G. Close. It includes 100 step-by-step photos and illustrations with cutting guides, patterns, diagrams and interior and exterior decorating tips to create a collector's dollhouse. Makes 3 different models. Makes the 3 Housework's front-opening houses which are also available in kit form (Georgian, Colonial and Victorian) Best Seller! $5.95
CGM06 - Kestral Dolls House Plan DCGM06  Kestral Dolls House Plan  From Dijon Limited

A wonderful, front-opening English design with 11 windows, one door, and two staircases.  This house has ten rooms and two central hallways. 
All components are by Dijon Ltd.  The plan is 1” scale and the overall dimensions are as follows: 28 ½” w x 13” d x 37 7/8” high.  A complete tool and materials guide is included. 
Add to it the basement addition for a truly spectacular house you will be proud to own.
CGM11 - Basement Plan DCGM11 Basement Plan    From Dijon Limited

This plan, in one inch scale, details a basement to accompany the Falcon, Kestrel or Sparrow dollhouse plans.
This is a three-room basement with outside stairway as shown.  The dimensions are 29 ½”
w x 22” d x 9 13/16” h. The doors and windows for this plan are all Dijon components. There is a complete list of tools and materials needed included.
This is a well-written plan devised to add an attractive addition to your dollhouse. 
CGM14 - Kempton Dolls House Plan DCGM14 Kempton Dolls House Plan   From Dijon Limited

An elegant English design in one inch scale.  This is a front-opening dollhouse which has 8 rooms and a center hallway on the main floor with staircase. The front has two twin bay sections.  Dimensions are: 29 Ό” wide x 16” deep x 29 Ό” high. 
There are 13 windows, 1 door and two chimney pots.  All components are by Dijon.
A complete list of tools  and supplies is included in the detailed instructions.  

CGM08 - Sparrow Dolls House Plan DCGM08 Sparrow Dolls House Plan   From Dijon Limited

A wonderful house to display as a bakery shop, cafι, dress shop or any other sort of establishment you have in mind in one inch scale.
This house has two large 24-light colonial-style windows on the main floor, a shop door with transom; two double windows and a single window on the second floor with 3 dormers in the roof line.  A hinged front-opening house with lots of room and plenty of possibilities.
Dimensions are: 28 ½” wide x 13” deep x 28 7/8” high.  It has four spacious rooms, center hallways with stairs on main floor, and a full attic that could be left or partitioned into two or three rooms.  Very good looking.  If desired, you can also add the basement kit to this house and have a warehouse of stock for the store!
All components and required tools are listed in the directions.  This is a gem! 

CGM05 - Finch Dolls House Plan DCGM05 Finch Dolls House Plan  From Dijon Limited

A house/shop with a different approach!    This English designed  1 inch scale house is designed to be used as a shop on the first floor with living quarters on the second floor.
The entry and hallways are off to one side making it different from most other kits on the market today.  There is also a spacious attic that could also be partitioned into two rooms.
The overall dimensions are: 18 1/8” wide x 13” deep x 28 7/8” high.  All necessary tools and components are listed in the well-written directions.  The components are by Dijon and are available through our website. 
This house has a 24-light Colonial window on the main floor with a shop door beside it.  The second floor has three Working windows and there are three dormers in the roof.  A pair of chimney pots on the roof gives some versatility for fireplaces.  A neat style to spark your imagination.  

CGM09 - Raven Dolls House Plan DCGM09 Raven Dolls House Plan  From Dijon Limited

Another English design, with the same basic 1’ scale floor plan as the Kingfisher. It has three floors with a side hallway leading to all three floors.  Two staircases one on the main floor and one for the second floor.  There are also two window balconies to add interest to the front of this charming  house.  It has a hinged front opening that allows for full and easy access.  This unique design could allow you to have a rooming house effect, with three families in the same dollhouse!!  Lots of possibilities here.
The overall dimensions are: 18 1/8” wide x 13” deep x 37 7/8” high. All components are from Dijon and are available through our website.  The complete directions include the list of supplies, components and what tools you will need to complete the kit

CGM07 - Kingfisher Dolls House Plan DCGM07 Kingfisher Dolls House Plan      From Dijon Limited

A unique 1” scale dollhouse plan from England.  This house would make a marvelous boarding house. It features three good size rooms with  doors in each leading in from a side hallway.  There are two sets of stairs – one on the main floor and one on the second floor.  A full attic completes the design.  This is a front opening house with a hinged front panel.
The overall dimensions are: 18 1/8” wide x 13 Ό” deep x 37 7/8” high.  It has three Windsor Working windows; Two Victorian single light windows on the third level and a Windsor Door entry.  The interior doors shown are  6-panel style.  All components are from the Dijon line and are available on our website.
All directions, a component and supply list as well as what tools are necessary are included in this set of well-written directions. 

CGM10 - Falcon Dolls House Plan DCGM10 Falcon Dolls House Plan  From Dijon Limited

A regal front-opening dollhouse of English Design in one inch scale.  This is a front-opening dollhouse that features the “Hogarth” design windows and a door.
The dimensions are 28 ½” wide x 13” deep x 29” high.  It has three roof dormers, nine Hogarth windows and a Hogarth door.  It has a chimney pot on either end of the roof line.
There are three center hallways with a stairway on the main floor.  There are four spacious rooms and a large attic the can be petitioned into three rooms if desired.
The directions are clear and give you a complete list of components and what tools you will need to construct this wonderful house.  There are also hints and helps regarding wallpapering, painting and finishing.
You can add the basement to this house as described in the basement plans.  

CGM12 - Sandown Dolls House Plan DCGM12 Sandown Dolls House Plan   from Dijon Limited

A three-story  hinged front-opening dollhouse.  This house has twenty windows!   An elegant English manor, in one inch scale with many possibilities.
Overall dimensions are as follows: 29 Ό” wide x 16” deep x 38 Ό” high.  It has center hallways with stairways on the first and second floors, a full attic that can be left open or divided into two or three rooms.  The main three floors offer 9 rooms for ‘flats” or a regal country home if you prefer.
All tools required and components needed are listed in these well-planned directions.
Windows and doors specified are from Dijon Ltd., and are available on our website.

gazebogetawaysm.jpg (12721 bytes) BOY100 Gazebo Getaway, by D. Krupick. This elegant gazebo can be used with any dollhouse or alone to display miniature plants and garden furniture. Patterns and instructions are included. 20 pages. $6.50

boy119lockotheirish.jpg (3976 bytes)

BOY119 Luck O' the Irish, by J. Kelly. Build a thatched roof cottage using these patterns and instructions. Historical information is included. 16 pages. $6.50
boy730sm.jpg (8225 bytes) BOY730 Building With Bob, by B. Porter. Reprinted from the Nutshell News' series on dollhouse finishing techniques, this book features all the necessary steps and ideas to take you from roof to wallpapering. 36 pages.
Best Seller!
  C1015-3 Science & Mechanics, by A.N. Hall. A partial reproduction of a 1937 issue of Science and Mechanics magazine. Included are complete plans and instructions for building a Colonial Dollhouse. 5 pages. $1.95
  DOL150 CHARLESTON SINGLE HOUSE, by J.E. Cavender. A Southern style house that consists of seven rooms with entry hall and staircase.  It features a two-story front porch. $23.95
  DOV135 Build Your Own Inexpensive Dollhouses, by E.J. Tangerman. Make the entire dollhouse out of one piece of plywood and simple hand tools for a reasonable amount of money. 48 pages. $4.95
lesshoppes80.jpg (4372 bytes) HW1002 Les Shoppes Plan, by G. Close. A European flavor is created in two separate stores and living quarters in a unique two story corner arrangement.  1 inch to 1 foot Plan Book. Includes step-by-step photographs and illustrations with cutting guides patterns, and diagrams. Interior and exterior decorating tips to create a collectors quality dollhouse. 28 pages. $5.95
hwk1003townsendtowers.jpg (7818 bytes) HW1003 Townsend Towers Plan, by G. Close. Instructions and photos are supplied to create this city-style Brownstone that reflects the distinctive ornamental treatments popular in late 1800's. 28 pages. $5.95
hwk1005tuxedoplace.jpg (7734 bytes) HW1005 Tuxedo Place Plan, by G. Close. The charm of formal English Tudor home is designed with an appreciation of architectural accents and proportions. 28 pages. $5.95
hw1008.gif (3813 bytes) HW1008 Everything You Wanted To Know About Dollhouses But Didn't Know Who To Ask, by N. VanHorn. This respected miniaturist shares valuable tricks of the trade in this complete step-by-step guide to finishing and decorating a dollhouse or a miniature project. 56 pages. Best Seller! $9.95
91201sm.jpg (10137 bytes) HW91201 Playscale Country House Fashion Doll House Planbook, designed by Real Good Toys. Features spacious 3-5 room playscale house, including gingerbread porch, full length closet and handy storage drawer. Measures 26"W x 23"D x 46"H. 24 pages. $6.95
91301sm.jpg (9836 bytes) HW91301 Playscale Victorian Townhouse Fashion Doll House Planbook, designed by Real Good Toys. Featuring 4-7 rooms with two sundecks and full length closet. Handy storage drawer and tower room are included. Finished measurements are 26"W x 22"D x 58"H. 28 pages. $6.95
91401sm.jpg (9566 bytes) HW91401 Playscale Estate Fashion Doll House Planbook, designed by Real Good Toys. Features 5-6 rooms, 2 full closets, 2 storage drawers and wiring diagram. 48"W x 24"D x 45"H. 32 pages. $6.95






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