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Canister Light (CK1010-27)
Canister Bulb only (CK1010-27A)


Our new canister light provides a convenient and easy to install recessed light for any room. Excellent for all those areas requiring a flush and hidden light source. Simply drill a 7/32" hole at the desired location, press the brass plated eyelet into place and connect the focused light bulb to a tape run above. Apply power and you have the perfect answer to all you indirect lighting needs.

Bulb measures .4" long by .2" in diameter and draws approximately 190 ma. Eyelet is .24" long with a flange diameter of .35". 2,500 hour bulb life.

CK842_sm.gif (9181 bytes)
Large Pin-in Ceiling Globe (CK841)   
Small Pin-in Ceiling Globe (CK842)


These are the easiest to install ceiling lights yet! Nails imbedded in the globes allow pounding of the fixture directly into a tape run with no additional wiring or electrical connections. Apply power and, presto, you have an instant working ceiling light. The CK841 globe is approximately 1/2" in diameter and the CK842, 3/8". Each contains a 12-volt GOW bulb drawing approximately 60 ma of current.

Lamp Shade Kit, Plain (CK5009)  
Lamp Shade Kit, Pleated (CK5009-1)


Utilize these popular lamp shade kits to create your own floor or table lamp designs. Use the CK5009-1 kit wherever an attractive and ready-to-use pleated shade is desired or the CK5009 plain shade kit if your own special fabric covering is preferred. The kits also include a 12-volt bulb, screw-base socket, socket holder and instructions. Plain shade measures 1-1/4" wide by 7/8" high.

"Porcelain Type" Ceiling Fixture Kit (CK500)                                  $4.50

The CK500 is the same fixture as item CK501 but in kit form. It provides a fast and economical method of direct installation at any number of key ceiling and wall locations throughout the house. Installation consists of making tape run holes with either a push pin or CK1025 bit, inserting the bulb wires into the copper ribbon holes, securing in place with 1/8" brass brads, and attaching the "porcelain" ceiling plate with epoxy or glue. (The entire installation may be accomplished after painting or wallpapering for optimum aesthetic appeal.) This item has been designed to present a very low profile appearance and consists of a "porcelain" ceiling plate, 1/8" brads, bulb and instructions.

"Porcelain Type" Ceiling Fixture (on tapewire) (CK501)          $6.49

The "to scale" CK501 light fixture has been designed primarily for use in illuminating hallways or attics and/or as a backlight for individual rooms. Construction is such that it may be taped and bradded into a tape run at any point and requires no soldering or special tools for installation. The fixture is mounted directly on a 1-1/2" segment of conductive tape and employs a 12-volt wire terminal bulb as the light source. Power consumption of the bulb is between 50 and 60 ma of current. Diameter of the fixture is approximately 3/8" and, when installed, extends approximately 1/4" from the ceiling. Comes with instructions and 1/8" brass brads.

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